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Our team is committed to the highest standard of customer satisfaction. The next time you need ceiling installation services in New Jersey by skilled professionals, leave the job to us. Our locally owned and operated company specializes in durable, cost-effective suspended—also called drop—ceilings. With us, you get a reliable ceiling solution that improves the way you experience your indoor space. With our competitive prices and quick project completion times, you’ll be glad you called us! 

drop ceiling contractor New Jersey

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    Drop Ceiling Installation New Jersey

    Drop ceilings are highly common in retail and office buildings, but they have residential applications, too. Basically, a drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling beneath the structural ceiling. We install a metal grid structure into which we “drop” the ceiling tiles. These tiles serve as an aesthetic layer that conceals the electrical wiring, HVAC components, and plumbing above them. But they also have sound-regulating properties, as well. When you make us your drop ceiling installation contractor, you get great results every time. 

    Suspended Ceiling Installation

    Ceiling Repair Contractors New Jersey

    Installing a suspended ceiling can be done relatively quickly. It’s certainly faster than putting up a traditional drywall ceiling. We’ll get started by constructed the T-bar frame that “suspends” the ceiling tiles. The time it takes to complete this step will depend on the size of your interior. But once that part’s complete, it’s a simple matter of dropping in your preferred ceiling tiles. There is a wide variety of tiles to choose from, with aesthetic and practical benefits. 

    Ceiling Tile Installation Services

    Quick installation is only one advantage of a drop ceiling. You can choose ceiling tiles that enhance the appearance of your interior. Our suspended ceiling installation contractors will source the right tiles for your project goals. Just a few of the options include:

    • Simple White Vinyl
    • Cork
    • Wood Finish
    • Fissured Finish
    • Corrugated Tin
    • Embossed Copper
    • Faux Gold or Silver Accents
    • Contemporary Patterns
    • Faux Antique Designs

    Acoustical Ceiling Installation NJ

    Drop ceilings are economical, sturdy solutions for your ceiling. But they have another advantage as well. You can select acoustical ceiling tiles that absorb and attenuate indoor noise. That means your space will have ideal sound regulation—your ceiling will help keep things from getting too loud. This property makes drop ceilings popular inside businesses. But they work well at home, too. To begin your acoustical ceiling installation, reach out to us today. 

    Acoustical Ceiling Contractors New Jersey

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    drop ceiling contractor New Jersey

    Our drop ceiling installers proudly serve commercial and residential customers throughout all of North Jersey, Central and South New Jersey, including Delaware and Greater Philadelphia. We’ve built our reputation on our friendly, prompt service. Let us show you why we are the only name you’ll need to remember when it comes to suspended ceilings. To request your free estimate, just give us a call or submit our contact form today.